Welcome to Vanir Cattery specializing in Norwegian Forest Cats since 1995.

The cattery is named VANIR, the term for one branch of the ancient mythological Norsk gods.

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Norwegian Forest Cat kittens may vary from price across the country from $600.00 on up for pet quality kittens. The reason the price difference from other pedigreed cats is because "wegies" are not prolific breeders and depending on the testing done to the parents to insure a health of the kittens. A litter may range from as little as one kitten to as many as five. The average litter for a Forest Cat is three. Specific prices will need to be discussed by the phone as different bloodlines vary in the price. If you want to read general information on wegies there are various sites available on the Internet. (the other information)

I am very protective of my "wooley bundles", so please be prepared to tell me about you and your lifestyle so I know a bit about you as these kittens are not just "kittens for sale." I am looking for a special pet home for them. All kittens are raised underfoot so they are socialized at a very early age with lots of love and attention. My kittens are not caged and neither are my cats they are a part of my household.

Here are some things I would like to know about you:

  • Who lives in your home with you, number of family members and what other animals do you have?
  • Do you now have, or have you ever had a cat in your home?
  • Do you currently have a veterinarian and are you willing to disclose his/her name as a reference? I am more than willing to supply my veterinarian as a reference to you, as well as previous Vanir kitten purchasers.

Norwegian Forest Cats have only been registered for championship status since 1977 in Europe and since 1984 in the USA, most have common ancestors - some several generations ago and some much closer.

My cattery was developed with domestically bred, Norwegian, and World Winning bred cats.

My efforts with the NFC have been spent on maintaining the original size, and power of this cat from the sub-Arctic. The Vanir first priority is keeping the great temperament native to the breed.

The second priority is to breed for gentle facial expressions while maintaining the required ear set and furnishings, face/head shape, and coat texture and type native to the breed.

Of course, kittens are all cute and wonderful but the unique NFC characteristics (that great coat and boning) sometimes don't begin to become clearly visible to the layman until the kitten approaches one and usually two years old...depending on the bloodlines and heredity. Females mature around three to four years old and males mature at around four to five unless neutered.



Even littermates will develop at different "speeds" on the growth continuum. Therefore, it is wise to have seen an adult cat to know what your kitten is ultimately going to look like, and since your kitten will be altered, keep in mind that it will mature faster.

The NFC is a slow-developing cat and doesn't reach full physical maturity until age 4 or 5. A purchaser must, therefore, put full faith in the breeder's knowledge about their lines. I recommend visiting the cattery if at all possible to see the conditions the kittens are raised in and the lines the kittens are coming from. Kittens are not allowed to leave for their prospective new home until 14 to 16 weeks, depending upon their development and bloodlines.

Arrangements can be made to see the kittens. I am a school teacher, so my weekends are usually free, unless I am off showing my wonderful cats/kittens. I try to be as flexible as I can. Current photographs of kittens can also be sent to you by e-mail or "snail mail" if visiting is not possible.

I furnish a complete health disclosure through my veterinarian, a purchase contract and current health guarantee. Vanir is a CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in purchasing a kitten. Some kittens are reserved before they are born. Click here to go to the news page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me; either by phone or via E mail address. VanirCats@aol.com


CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence

Cheryl McConnell
PHONE: 515-249-0060
E-MAIL: VanirCats@aol.com