Welcome to Vanir Cattery specializing in Norwegian Forest Cats since 1995.

The cattery is named VANIR, the term for one branch of the ancient mythological Norsk gods.

Vanir takes particular pride in in showing some of my wonderful cats who are neutered/spayed. Since they have been neutered/spayed and as in any "fixed"cat, their coat and condition are not dependent upon hormonal levels. I include them for you to see what a neutered/spayed Norwegian Forest Cat can look like.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me; either by phone or via e mail address. VanirCats@aol.com,

Vanir Harry Potter
HCM Scan Normal (5th Rescan Normal)

CFA TITLES TO DATE: NW, GC, GP Vanir Harry Potter




CFA Grand Champion, Grand Premier, National Winner

CFA National Winner (4th) Grand Champion, Grand Premier 2009-2010

TICA International Winner (2nd) SGCA 2011-2012
TICA International Winner (5th) SGCA 2010-2011

Sire: CH Aamot Sverre of Vanir
Dam: Hattkatt Siobhan of Vanir, DM
Date Of Birth: May 8, 2005
Color: Brown Tabby with White
Owners: Thomas and Zella Jane Goodwin
Cat Profile: Mr Pot-ter and his litter mates were named after the J K Rowling best sellers.  His new nickname is "Hairy Bear" as new forever parents call him because he is ultimate hair dresser.  Harry is an excellent example of the breed and the ultimate gentle-cat.  He was a two show grand champion in CFA and great ambassador for the breed.  Much love from your old Mom, Mr. Pot-ter.  Harry was almost a one show Grand Premier, which is very difficult to earn.  Congrats Zella Jane, Thomas and the Harry-Bear.  Old Mom misses you.





Vanir Ullr Mountain Explorer
HCM Scan Normal
CFA Grand Premier
TICA International Winner (3rd) SGCA 2011-2012
TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter 2010-2011
TICA Southwest Region Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat Alter 2010-2011
TICA Southwest Region 2nd Best Alter 2010-2011
TICA 2nd Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat Alter 2010-2011



Sire: CH Sweesons Balder of Vanir
Dam: GC, RW Vanir Temperance Brennan
Date Of Birth: August 10, 2008
Color:  Blue Classic Tabby and White
Owner: Kent Taylor
 Cat Profile: Ullr is named for the Norse god of Winter.  His blue (the winter sky) and white (the snow on the ground) colors, and his travel to his new home during a lull in two blizzards made his name very appropriate.  Ullr found his forever home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and shares it with his mentor, Taz, a 14 year old Maine Coon, his playmate, Thunder, a 3 year old Norwegian Forest Cat, and his best friend, Saber, a 145 pound German Shepherd.  Ullr is a special, very loving example of the breed.  He is always in the same room, lying at your feet, cuddling on the couch, or giving head bumps and cat kisses while snuggling on your chest.  How many cats purr while clipping their claws prior to a show or brushing their teeth?  He has touched many during his show career, twice being voted a "Fan Favorite" by the spectators and vistors at the show.  Be sure and take care of Daddy Kent for Old Mom






Champion, Grand Premier
Yggdrasil Yavanna of Vanir
HCM Scan Normal
Sire: CH Jedidiah Siebirht Aelfhane
Dam: Yggdrasill's Laekny Raedulf's Dottr
Color: Brown Tabby with White
Date Of Birth: March 16, 1999
Cat Profile: Yavanna was named after the Goddess of the Earth. And her name definitely fits her personality. Her son is pictured below, Anders and her daughter, Martina is a also a regional winner. Ms. Y as we call her is a fantastic example of what the Norwegian Forest cat exemplifies. She has wonderful boning a tons of coat. She too is quite the hairdresser.









Grand Premier, Regional Winner
Vanir Anders
Midwest Regional Winner
Nationally Third Best Norwegian Premeier
HCM Scan Normal
Sire: CH Skogeier Phantom of Vanir
Dam: CH Yggdrasil Yavanna of Vanir
Date Of Birth:  June 9, 2000
Color: Brown Tabby with White
Owners: Lesa Marshall and John Grimes
Cat Profile: Anders, alias "Mr. Anderson" is a perfect smooze. He is a wonderful example of the breed and an absolute dream to show. I use this picture to show you what Anders does in the show ring where is exhibited. He loves to show off and can be seen frequently begging to be put on displayas the best cat. He is well known for his hair dresser techniques with my hair, as he usually is grooming my hair when we are coming from the judging ring. He is a example of the kittens/cats that are produced from the Vanir bloodlines.














Grand Champion, Regional Winner
Incantato Aragorn of Vanir
HCM Scan Equivocal
Color: Brown Classic Tabby and White
Sire: Norsestars Truls
Dam: Norsestars Have Faith Of Incantato
Date Of Birth: September 8, 2003
Owners: Bob and Sue Woodard
Cat Profile: Baby Ari as he is fondly called. Loves everyone and everything. His new owner Bob used to have a cat named "Winston" who recently passed away. But now Aragorn has taken his place as number one fetcher of balls and assorted other toys. Thanks Bob and Sue for giving Baby Ari such a wonderful home.
















Grand Champion
Vanir Paisley of Hobbitat
Color: Brown Patched Mactabby with White
Sire: Champion Maelstrom Radagast
Dam: Grand Champion Aqua Dolagon Hobi of Vanir
HCM Scan Normal
Date Of Birth: February 21, 2000
Owners: Bob and Joan Greene
Cat Profile: Paisley or "Paisey Paisey Poo" as she is nicknamed. She granded quickly in CFA after she matured. Thanks go to Barbara Jaeger for showing her. She is definitely a people cat and follows you around while she churtles. She loves to be petted and when you do she give little kisses. Thanks Bob and Joan for giving her such a great home.












Aamot Sverre(neuter)  
Color: Black and White
Sire: Vanir Klawd Raines of Aamot  HCM Scan Normal
Dam: CH Forest Star Sjofyn of Aamot  HCM Scan Normal
Date Of Birth: March 3, 2002
Owner: Ruth Lind
Cat Profile: Sverre is a wonderful example of the breed. He is trully affectionate with everyone. He is a bi-color black and white which you do not see much as the most common color is the brown tabby and whites. He loves his head rubbed and pushes into your hand when you pet him.












Aamot Hope of Vanir
Color: Brown Tabby and White
Sire: Grand Champion Fig Kile of Aamot
Dam: Champion Forest Star Sjofyn of Aamot
Date Of Birth: August 7, 1999
Owners: John and Jane Rowland
Cat Profile: Hope is a wonderful example of the breed. She acts more like a dog than a cat. Her greatest trick is that she fetchs little toy mice and brings them back to you. One of her most endearing features as well is her "kitty talk" of a churtle. She would do best in a only cat or one other cat household. Please contact us if you are interested in her. She absolutely wonderful.


















Grand Premier
Vanir Gustav of Foxycats
Title: Grand Premier
Sire: CH Skogeier Phantom
of Vanir
Dam: CH Aamot Hope of Vanir
Color: Brown Tabby with White
Placed in Oklahoma
Cat Profile: Gustav was shown by CFA Judge, Kathy Black and was the first cat of Vanir to become a "ONE SHOW GRAND"! He is a beautiful example of the breed. He takes after his mother who is quite the talked. Gustav chirps quite frequetly and is never far away. He is now living the life of luxury in his adopted home in Oklahoma.
Grand Premier
Felis Jubatus Georg Jensen of Vanir
Regional Winner 1998-1999
Eleventh Best Premier CFA Midwest Region
HCM Scan Normal
Danish Import
Title: Grand Premier-Midwest Regional Winner
Sire: Prins Pflinger
Dam: Flatland's Clara
Date Of Birth: April 4, l996
Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby with White
Cat Profile: Georg is a litter mate to CH Felis Jubatus Piet Hein of Vanir (who lives with the Wiedemeiers). They traveled the vast oceans, from Denmark to the United States, together to be a part of my household. Georg is retired from the sire duties, as I wanted to show him in premiership. He is a Grand Premier and Champion in CFA. He is the watch cat of the house and protector of the females. He has wonderful temperament and type. He is truly a "Lover Boy". His neatest trick is that he gives "High Fives" when he wants attention and head bumps.








Thorsgard Phantasy of Vanir
Title: CFA Champion
Date of Birth: August 11, 1997
Breeders: Cheryl McConnell and Deb Dursky
Color: Brown Tabby with White Cat Profile: Phantasy has a beautiful brown classic pattern. She is an extremely expressive cat with her gorgeous emerald green eyes, which she inherited from her father and mother. She is quite a talker when it comes to her moist food. She will follow me around and chirtle and rub on my legs. She is a shy cat until she gets to know you. But them she is a velcro cat.





Grand Champion
Kitzn's Freya of Vanir
Title: CFA Grand Champion
Date of Birth: March 3, 1995
Sire: GC Skogeier's Total Eclipse
CFA National Second Best of Breed 1994-1995
Dam: Naturskat Mimi of Kitzn
Breeder: Keith Kimberlin and Kathleen Cook
Color: Bi-color Black and White
Owner: Darla Armstrong

Cat Profile: Freya was the first female Grand Champion Wegie in the Midwest Region of CFA. She was also the second Norwegian Forest Cat to Grand Champion in the Midwest Region. In 1995-1996, she was the CFA Second Best Norwegian Forest Cat in the Midwest Region. She has the most intriguing face of all the females. Her emerald green eyes seem to jump out at you from her black mask. Freya is definitely a one person cat. She is my alarm clock in the morning.


CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence

Cheryl McConnell
PHONE: 515-249-0060
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